Decisions for some teams :

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Decisions for some teams : Empty Decisions for some teams :

Post by Marvin Martin on Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:15 pm

Hi all,

After many discussion, complaints from teams, we (sadly) decided to take decision about 2 teams : Romania and Croatia (U-21 teams too).

Little summary to explain the situation :

Romania, Croatia didn't play any match since the beginning of competition, they made noshow, and are never here on Team Speak. That show us how captains don't care about this NC and about the global RS community. More, in a discussion with Ron and me, Ron told me that he didn't care about RS.

All of this makes us take this decision :

We decided to ban Croatia, Croatia U21 and Romania from current NC, captains won't be able to cap again for next NC. Each opponents of these teams will win by 3-0 from defwin !

We're not happy to do it, but there is no other choice, we can't let people, who doesn't care and doesn't respect anyone, fuck all work of organization, and we can't let them bother teams.

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