Quarter of final of NC + Semi final of NC -21

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Quarter of final of NC + Semi final of NC -21

Post by Marvin Martin on Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:16 pm

NC :

Match A

Italy - Germany 20:00

Match B

Poland - Serbia 21:00

Match C

Turkey - France 21:30

Match D

Hungary - Spain 20:30

Semi final

Germany vs Turkey 21:00
Serbia vs Hungary 20:30


Germany Serbia : 20:30


Germany - Serbia 20:00

France - Italy 21:00


France - ? 20:30

The quarter of final of NC and semi final of NC-21 will be wednesday 11th, the semi final of NC will be wednesday 18th.
The final of NC will be 25th. The final of NC -21 will be 18
There will be punishment if the matches aren't played until the next round

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