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Post by Marvin Martin on Thu Jan 01, 2015 8:33 pm

Games settings

• A match lasts 20 minutes with 2 halfs. In final stage, overtime can be added in case of a draw and it will last 2x5 minutes without added time.

• The map which will be used for the big competition will be " | RF V1.1" (if you don't have it, you can ask people to store it by doing /store in Haxball chat when the map is in.)

• A match has to begin with a referee if there is no referee, contact organizers or just post it in reporting of result and play it. The autoref isn't allowed  

• During match, only referees can have rights (and the host), caps will have to write "SUB" in chat if he wants to make a sub.

• In Champion's League, matches will be in 2 round (except final). In Nation's Cup matches will be only in 1 round.

• Matches have to be recced, if there is no rec, match will be replayed.

• The host will have to set at least 12 places for players, ref, subs and streamer.


• The referee is the ''Game's Chief''. He is always right, and can sanction a player or a team who criticize his decisions.

• Only the ref decides if a throw is red or blue. If it's GK or CK. Under no circumstances, a player can not refuse or say the contrary.

• The ref will say the added time before the end of half.

• In case of red card, the referee will have to justify it and the court will take a decision about the player.

• In case of 2 red cards for same team the referee will have to justify it, the court will take decison about players and the result will be the result of match + 3-0 of defwin.

For a nice throw, there has to be :

• The ball stopped (more or less)
• The ball out of the ground (if the players go in the ground with ball, FT => other team takes it)
• The throws has to be done in the place where the ball is out (more or less, don't have to stop action)
• The ball go on the ground with the shoot

If one of this rules isn't respected, the throw is taken to this other team

In a cornerkick, the shooter has to come in the ground after the ball. The ball has also to come in the ground. If not, it's Goal Kick

It's obviously forbidden to do a throws, CK or GK for himself.

The defenders have to be in a nice distance from the shooter :

Rules 1405865016-screen-throw

Rules 1405865011-screen-gk

Rules 1405865004-screen-ck


A stream is only allowed only if both teams agree. The streamer will give link to people in TS.


• Every team has the right to be the host of a game for at least one half of the game. If the opponents are not happy with the host, they have to offer an alternative host, on which both teams are able to play in good conditions.


• To be able to play, a player has to be written in the line up of team (check-in)

• In Champion's League, only players that are also listed in the team's line-up of the regarding league are allowed to play CL!

• The squad limit for Nation's Cup and Nation's Cup -21 is 10. The squad limit for Champion's League is 12.

• If a player has played a NC with a national team, he can't play in another national team (be logic please)

• Even if he played for a second team, he can no longer play with it ever.


• To avoid fakes in competition, all players (who play the match) have to be connected in the Team Speak of HaxSports where all channels of national teams and CL's team are. (IP :

• If we clearly see that a fake has been done even with this rule, the faker will be banned from competition, 3-0 for the opponent. And if we know that the captain knew it, he will be banned too.

• To avoid fakes of nationalities, the players will have to live in the country, speak language, prove us that he's from the country (for people who don't live here), be involved in the regarding community.

• If even with this, there is fake of nationalities, the player will be banned from NC FOREVER

Fair play

• Don't forget it's only a game so have fun and be cool with others.

• In case of 3v4, stats won't be counted (except if player rajquit)

• In case of insults, bad behavior, racism.., there can be sanctions against a player or a team if there is an evidence of it. The court would decide for a decision about a big or small punishment.


• You can postpone until 1 hour before match planned. After this limit, it's the opponent who will decide if they take defwin or not.

• If a team did not show up for a scheduled game at least 20 minutes past kick off time and no postponing was announced on the forum, the game will be counted as a Defwin for the team at present, but only if they take a screenshot in teamspeak as evidence.
If both teams are absent, the game will be counted as no-contest.

• If a team shows up with only 3 players instead of 4 and the team did not postponed the match, the team is allowed to play in the 3on4 mode. It is not allowed to play with less than 3 players with the result that a team gets a defloss if it arrives with only 2 players at a matchday. In the report of the result it has to be identifiable that the match was played in the 3on4 mode.

• Matches can be postponed by using a wildcard. Postponing a match has to be announced in the forum 1 hour before the matchday starts. After that, only if the opponent agrees. A new schedule for the postponed match has to be played and reported within the limit we'll say. A new date that is confirmed by both teams is rated as official. You can postpone this new schedule again, but only with the agreement of the opponent team. If either one of the teams doesn't actively try to find a new date for that match in the official forum, the RSI Team will award a Defwin/Defloss to whatever team fails to sort the problem.


To use a joker, you'll have to talk to admins and explain the situation, why do you want to use the joker.

Others rules

• You can only make 2 substitutions per half during open match, but substitutions are unlimited during halftime.
If a team wants a substitution, then they have to write in the chat "SUB". The referee will pause the match when the ball is out for a corner kick, goal kick or one of the teams has scored a goal. Substitution during a throw-in is only allowed with the opponents and referees agreement.
A player can be sub out and then come back and sub in.

• If a team quits playing, leaves the room or abuses the admin rights, the punishment will be a defloss.
If the current goal difference at the time of leave is higher than 2 for the remaining team, the score will be counted.

• If a player leaves the room during the match, the game will have to continue 3v4 until half time. Adding a substitute player before half time, is only possible if the opponents agree.
If a player has strong ping problems, the game will be paused by the referee and a refresh can be done.

• Every game has to be recorded and uploaded on Both teams are responsible for a valid record. So we recommend, that more than one player per team records the game. If a team has no replay of the match upon request the RSI team can punish them. If both teams have no record of the match, the result will have to be confirmed by both caps + ref, stats won't be added. The link has to be submitted alongside the result, the scorers and assists with record time in the forum.

• If a player exploits vulnerabilities in the rules on purpose, the administration will apply punishments as appropriate.

Rules can be remooved, added or edited, we'll inform you in this case.

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